Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ghost Train Coming Your Way

Hi there!  

This is the place where I will be housing my tuts, once I get brave enough to start writing them - LOL!  You can visit Sherra and myself at our other blogs (see blinkies on the right) to grab more info about us, freebies or the latest and greatest news, as need be.  

Last, but certainly not least, we will be participating in the fabulous Starving Artists Collaboration for October, and this time it will be a freebie grab-fest! 

This will be The Ghost Train and make sure you stay tuned for further announcements as the big day approaches. 

Train leaves the station October 1, 2009!!!! 

I'll be sure to post a sneak peak when we get that far♥!

So, my real job beckons, thus have to run, but wanted to post this update with the blinkie for The Ghost Train, let y'all know what's been happening here and to let you know that I'll be working to get that freebie up and out for ya! 

You can now grab our blinkies for yourself and/or become a follower to stay updated!


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