Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Too Sweet by Digicats

Oooh - That Dianna has been busy tutting up a storm again!  LOL
She has made this adorable tut and tag using my Ice Cream Shoppe kit, which is part of the Ice Cream Shoppe Collab, only at Stargazer Scraps

Please be sure to stop in at Di Before Dawn and check out Dianna's fabulous tuts!
Thanks hun - I dearly love this!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Catch-A-Wave by Angela

Oooh - Angela has been busy, busy, busy over at Angela's Tuts N Tags

She grabbed up my FTU version of Catch-A-Wave and made this adorable tut, which you can follow her here

She has a real beach/wave/surf theme going on over there too, so if you're searching for summer goodness, fun and sand, stop by and see Angela

Thanks hun for working this up!  It's soo fabulous!!!!  

Hawaiian Sand by Digicats

I'm so very excited to share this just gorgeous tut with y'all today!  Ms. Digicats is dipping her feet back in the tutting world for a bit and has made this absolutely beautiful tag using my Catch-A-Wave kit, which you can get at TKO Scraps and my other stores too!  

Thanks again, Dig!!!!  I dearly love this!!!  Mwah!!!

Please be sure to stop over and see Dianna at Di Before Dawn and check out all her fabulous work! 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catch-A-Wave by Carol (Hugahav's Haven)

Ooh - I just love this, Carol! 

Carol of Hugahav's Haven has made the cutest tag using my Catch-A-Wave kit @ Butterfly Blush
She did such a super job with it!

Here's what Carol had to say about Catch-A-Wave

"OMG hun, I LOVE this kit!!  I can think of lots of tags that could be made with it, my biggest challenge was trying to decide which elements to leave out because they're all wonderful!"

Thanks Carol!  Love, love, love it!  Be sure to stop over at Hugahav's Haven and check out all her fabulous tutorials! 

Blue Night by Stef

Have a beauty forum banner/tag from Stef tonight for y'all

Stef has made me the most beautiful forum banner/tag using my Stargazing kit, which you can find at Country Corner Creations and the rest of my stores, as well.

Thanks so very much, Stef!  I love this hun!!!

Be sure to stop in and see all of Stef's work, both her tutorials and her designs!  She is a very talented, very busy designer/creator!  Thanks again hun!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chocolate Love by Stef

Stef has done it again!  Just love this one too!  Some days I can't believe these are made using my kits - LOL!

This is Chocolate Love using my Sweet Temptations kit, found in CCC, and my other stores

You can find this cutie over at Stef's Tuts N' Tags.  Be sure to stop in here and check out her superb work!

Thanks again, Stef!  Another one I love!!!

I Am Perfect by Stef

Stef has made me the most lovely tag using my Obsessions kit, found at CCC, and my other stores.  

You can find the tut here at Stef's Tugs N Tags  Be sure to stop in and say Hello to Stef and tell her how fabulous her work is, and give some of her tuts a try too!

Thanks again, Stef!  Love it!